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The Design Build Process

At Comito Building and Design, we utilize a Design-Build approach for designing and building our luxury custom homes. This approach brings together professional design and construction experience into a fluid process.

Our company handles both the architectural design and the actual construction of the project, which means you enjoy greater continuity of service throughout the process. This joining of services will also save you time and money, and helps make you more of a partner in the construction of your new home or remodel. It is also important to note that we can become your building team at any point during the planning phase. While we prefer the Design-Build approach, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about any blueprints you have already created.

Phase 1

* Introduction Meeting & Viability Analysis

- In this meeting we like to take the time to get to know you, your ideas, tastes, space needs, and overall goals for the design and completion of your new home. This also gives you a chance to get to know our process, our product, our reputation and our team. We will also discuss your budgetary goals, so that we can help guide you in the site selection and home design to meet that goal. 

* Site Selection or Site Review 

-We can be your best resource when it comes to land in the Pikes Peak Region. Based on your total package budget we will guide you to the available home sites in your preferred areas and help you determine which sites will best fit your needs. We are experts in evaluating building sites and the opportunities (views, privacy, etc.) or constraints (setbacks, topography, soils conditions) that each may present.If you already have a building site selected, we want to see it, and learn how you see your new home on the site; we will offer our expertise so we can design your home to truly fit the home site and take advantage of the many site opportunities we have here in Colorado.

* Professional Design Services Agreement

- Now that we have a sense of where you will be building and what you would like to build, we will enter into our simple design agreement that outlines how we will work together as a team on the design of your new home. We will collect a deposit at this time to fund the architectural design, engineering, soils testing, etc.

Phase 2

* Plan Design & Budget Analysis

- As we form our building team, we will add an architect or designer and start working together to get your new home onto paper. This phase will consist of several meetings and conversations back and forth as we fine-tune your new home. Throughout this process, we will guide you in the design as it relates to the home site, value engineering and your overall budgetary goal. Our expertise and creativity will make your home uniquely yours.

* Preliminary Selections & Finishes

- Once we have the design established, Debbie Comito, our client coordinator will set up preliminary selection meetings to select your preliminary finishes (countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc.). Many of our clients also will enlist the help of an interior designer at this point.

These selections are preliminary and this process is designed to help us get a feel for the type of finishes you envision in your home, this also allows us to start gathering the costs associated with your selections so we can work towards your budgetary goal.

* Final Cost To Build & Contract Price

- At this point we have final blueprints and preliminary selections. We will put together the price of your new home and present it to you. This will include detailed specifications of what is included and what selections the price is based on, and since we took you shopping, the price will reflect the finishes you selected. Many times it will also include some options for you to think about.

By working with our team from the beginning, we have designed a home to match your budget and you will have been informed of the costs associated with the home throughout the process, allowing you to make changes and tweaks along the way to meet your budgetary and creative goals.

Phase 3

* Construction Contract Signed

- Once the contract price has been established we will execute the construction contract and collect a deposit.  With this agreement you can then finalize your financing and we will obtain your building permit.

* Construction Begins

- This is the exciting part; your new home begins to take shape. At this point our project manager will be introduced. At the onset of construction our entire team will meet with you for our “Start Meeting”, in this meeting we will all review the specifics of your new home. The benefit of having the same team from the beginning is that our team will already be totally familiar with your plans, ideas, goals and specifications. The continuity of service is a huge advantage and adds to your peace of mind.

During construction you are an integral part of the build team and we encourage your participation. This will include many on site meetings and walk-thrus, to ensure the home is coming together exactly as you envision.

* Finalize Selections & Finishes

- Throughout construction, you will be working closely with Debbie and your interior designer to review your selections.  As a home begins to take shape, so does your vision and often times changes from the original specifications will be made, this is the benefit of custom home building. As these changes occur Debbie will gather any cost differences and keep you continually up to date on how they impact your contract price so there are no surprises in the end, she will also relay these changes to the project manager in the field where he will implement them.

Again the team approach throughout the entire building process eliminates confusion in the field and results in the well planned and executed custom home, as well as a well-informed customer. 

Project Manager

Our project managers are the best in the industry and will ensure that the job runs smoothly and precisely in accordance with your selections and decisions. They will be out on site daily supervising and relaying your decisions to our quality subcontractors and suppliers.

Client Coordinator

Debbie Comito, our client coordinator will arrange and attend all of your selection meetings with the various showrooms and tradesmen. Her role ensures that decisions are made on time and relayed to the construction site accurately. Debbie has been an integral part of custom building with husband Claude for over 2 decades. Debbie has the unique ability to ease client’s minds as they navigate the building process together. Fluent in interior design, and always on the lookout for great value, Debbie brings an honest and forthright collaborative approach to ensure Comito clients receive the best possible quality and service available—before and after the sale.