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Custom Home Plans

Feel free to view some sample home plans below. Click on the thumbnails to view larger renderings and the PDF files to view the floor plans.

Pine Terrace Villa

Pine Terrace Flyer Pine Terrace Flyer (1752 KB)

The Kalispell

The Kalispell - Main Level The Kalispell - Main Level (386 KB)

The Kalispell - Lower Level The Kalispell - Lower Level (360 KB)

The Carrington

The Carrington - Main Level The Carrington - Main Level (1034 KB)

The Carrington - Lower Level The Carrington - Lower Level (839 KB)

The Inverness

The Inverness - Main Level The Inverness - Main Level (1125 KB)

The Inverness - Lower Level The Inverness - Lower Level (632 KB)

The Francesca

The Francesca - Main Level The Francesca - Main Level (472 KB)

The Francesca - Lower Level The Francesca - Lower Level (416 KB)

The Cheyenne

The Cheyenne - Main Level The Cheyenne - Main Level (49 KB)

The Cheyenne - Lower Level The Cheyenne - Lower Level (44 KB)

The Newcastle

The Newcastle - Main Level The Newcastle - Main Level (67 KB)

The Newcastle - Lower Level The Newcastle - Lower Level (45 KB)

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights - Main Level The Northern Lights - Main Level (61 KB)

The Northern Lights - Lower Level The Northern Lights - Lower Level (36 KB)

The Wellington

The Wellington - Main Level The Wellington - Main Level (58 KB)

The Wellington - Lower Level The Wellington - Lower Level (37 KB)